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Multi Bike St contains 5 products in 1: lubricant, anticorrosive, protective, release, water repellent.
Lubricant, anticorrosive, protective: Forms a protective film over time against water, gas, moisture and oxidation. Guarantees a film-forming thickness of 0.00050 cm c / a.
Unblocking: Penetrates by attacking rust and other types of oxidation favoring the unlocking of any part or mechanism seized, rusted, blocked or frozen. Once the mechanism has been released, thanks to the lubricating properties of MULTI BIKE ST, it will return to normal.
Water-repellent, anti-humidity: Removes water and humidity, forming a protective film on the treated parts eliminating problems caused by oxidation and corrosion.

As water-repellent anticorrosive and protection after washing the bicycle especially on the mechanisms of group, chain, derailleur, crankset, sprocket set, etc …
Lubricant and water repellent of service during long excursions thanks to the reduced packaging.
N.B .: The special 360 ° delivery valve allows the use of the product in any position, even upside down.


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